Steve Cummins

Steve Cummins Pregnant Twins

I’m Steve and thanks for visiting¬† my website!

Firstly, may I sincerely apologize for the picture. there is a long yet hilarious story attached which I have just posted. I know it doesn’t excuse it but maybe, just maybe you can forgive.

When I’m not working as a stunt double for Demi Moore ( Now you know why Ashton left) you can find me making people laugh in the biggest and most prestigious comedy clubs or busy at my laptop writing my hundred-seller books.

The first of these is “Where Do Daddies Come From?” a pregnancy guide for men. It is a laugh out loud guide to everything a man needs to know about pregnancy and how to take care of the woman they love while she is, at least temporarily, a hormonal psychopath.¬† As I say, it’s filled with everything a man needs to know and none of what they don’t. She needs to know what’s going on in her uterus and he doesn’t so rather than take up space with dry medical knowledge I opted for sections on Tit Nazis and pregnancy lingerie. I also included advice from other dads I know from all walks of life. From university lecturers to comedians and from Taekwondo masters to butchers. Where do Daddies come from?¬† is filled with tips, tricks, advice and gutter humour designed to give him the skills and motivation to help while allaying most of his fears (I say most. If you’re afraid of clowns there’s nothing I can do save advise you to stay away from circuses and six year old’s birthday parties. Actually, stay away from kids birthday parties anyway. they’re a pain in the ass.).

On a vaguely serious note. My book is a genuinely helpful yet laugh out loud funny book which will make pregnancy a little easier for both of you. And if it doesn’t then the terrorists really have won. Buy my book and defeat terrorism…maybe.

Read some samples online and if you like, order it online from Easons, Amazon or download it to your Kindle. It’s also available in all good bookshops. By implication, if you go to a bookshop and they don’t have it then you are in a bad bookshop. they’re probably racist or something.

I’ve just begun constructing this site and am going to upload lots more stuff so keep checking in for more stuff if that’s what you’re into. I’m not here to judge.