About Steve

My name is Steve Cummins. I am a forty one (I know, I look about nineteen. Its a combination of good genes and horse placenta. Well, that and an incredible ability at self delusion.)  year old comedian, broadcaster and writer who lives in a wee house on the coast with my hot wife and two strong beautiful boys. (BTW by strong beautiful boys I mean my children, not a couple of Brazillian cabana boys. You should really be asking yourself why you thought of cabana boys when when I mentioned strong and beautiful. Maybe your sub conscious is trying to tell you something. Just saying).

Prior to this incarnation I worked with juvenile offenders in the U.K. and Ireland as well as working with adolescent gang members in the U.S.A. I grew up in Moyross in Limerick, ideal preparation for working with violent criminals.Prior to that I worked nights in a homeless hostel for three years. Prior to that I was a schoolboy (There go the cabana boys again, you’ve got to stop fixating on them. I’m not a therapist or anything but it can’t be healthy. Maybe you should stop looking at my site and go and get help. Actually, don’t leave, I’m sorry. Please stay.I’m not really sure what a cabana is if I’m honest.).

I am currently the resident host of The Laughter Lounge, Ireland’s largest and most prestigious comedy club and can regularly be found cheerfully taking the piss out of strangers and ensuring Ireland’s reputation for xenophobia is maintained. I’m not a racist but I do have material on pretty much every country on Earth. I have performed comedy on the BBC, RTE and Channel 4. I have also acted on TG4 ( I say acted. it was a non speaking part in one of those re-creation shows about women who kill. I was playing a twenty year old. Talk about a worse casting decision than when they chose a pitbull for the lead role in Babe. The woman playing my mother was two years younger than me. The only feedback I’ve ever received about my “performance” in that role was that I was the only person in the world who could overact eating popcorn. The show was called Idir Mna. Check it out. I’m dreadful in it).

I am a headliner in every major comedy club in Ireland and regularly perform abroad. By regularly, I mean around once a year and by abroad I mean Scotland. I am a yummy mummy and couldn’t leave my babies. Okay, the truth is I’m too lazy to travel. Okay the real truth is that I am on the no fly list because of my outspoken views on terrorism. (I’m against it. There, I said it.) Okay, the real, real truth is that I play The Stand comedy clubs in Glasgow and Edinburgh once a year as a wee break from the routine. They are great fun to perform in so I spend my days sleeping-in late before going to the cinema and my nights performing comedy in a great venue before returning to my hotel for some frantic self-pleasure before  boo boos. ( I have a bit of a problem with inappropriate self disclosure. It probably stems from my chronic bedwetting as a child…Damn it)

I have written and performed comedy for many radio shows and am a regular contributor on nearly every major radio station in Ireland. I love doing radio as I feel it’s incredibly intimate. It’s almost like being holed up with a couple of cabana bo… Okay, I think maybe I’m the one with the problem.

I have written for three major television projects (none of which came to fruition) and created, wrote and presented the comedy panel show “What Were We Thinking?” for the national broadcaster 2FM, which aired in January 2011. It was supposed to be a half hour show airing once a week for twelve weeks. In the end they aired the entire series over six days between Christmas and New Year. Airing a new concept on radio during the best television viewing time of the year. Genius. As a result, this genuinely funny show is now buried somewhere in the bowels of RTE probably next to Bosco’s decaying corpse.

At least I’m not bitter.

I had my own Dad’s Diary column in Mothers & Babies magazine of the Irish Independent for over a year and the positive response from that helped me to believe that I could actually write something that people would want to read. My first book “Where do Daddies come from? A pregnancy guide for men.” was published in November 2011 and came as a huge shock to me that I could actually finish something I started.

I am currently working on a travel guide to Brazil called Cabana Fantasies.

Okay, The truth is, I’m working on a follow up book to Where do Daddies Come from? This book deals with the trials and tribulations of being a dad for the first couple of years of your child’s life called ” Why do Daddies cry?