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It won’t stop crying and i want to kill it.

Babies cry. It’s their only means of communication – literally. Babies cry when they’re hungry, sad, scared, lonely, tired, have a wet nappy, have a dirty nappy or have an unfashionable nappy. Okay, that last one, not so much, but

Oh God. It’s Coming Out!

You are never fully prepared for the moment she goes into labour. Just accept it, man up and start moving. This is the moment you’ve trained for soldier. You are going to be scared shitless and ready to run screaming for

Ante-natal classes. Do I have to go?

Can you imagine anything more horrifying than spending your hard earned evenings and the occasional Saturday cooped up in a room with a load of pregnant women, a lesser number of pissed off fathers-to-be and one tampon rolling Earth Mother? Well, you will.